A to Z about flowers

I was going through pinterest when I came across this article by Jessica Marshall, where she has stated some of her floral tricks to make, decorating the house with beautiful flowers, easy and simple. These simple tricks will make you more efficient in arranging the flowers you get for your birthdays and anniversaries. And also make […]

10 hard to kill houseplants

As much as I pride myself on my domestic abilities I must admit that when it comes to maintaining houseplants, I am not such a perfectionist! I love plants because they add wonderful color and life to your home, but I’ve not been particularly successful in keeping most of them alive for an extended period of time. I […]

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom speaks for your identity and lifestyle. And the bedroom decor will definitely represent everything you are. Bedroom is the place to unwind yourself and have a peaceful mind and body. I always have a liking for Bohemian style as they contain lots of curtains, cushions and rugs in the making. The perfect combination […]

Indian inspired homes

When I started this blog, I thought it to be a blog for interiors and decoration particularly. But with time and improved writing skills, I took up several new topics and now my blog is about health, lifestyle, books, effective reading, parental advice hub in addition to home interiors and decoration. Also, I am soon […]

10 bug repelling plants

  We all face bug problems at home. Be it any season, especially spring, bugs are always there and so are the annoying creatures called mosquitoes. And if there is an outside party, nothing ruins a patio party faster than mosquitoes (except maybe ants…or biting flies). Mosquitoes, flies, beetles and other pesky party poppers are mega-annoying […]

15 hidden hacks

Next in line are some of the hacks which can be avoided but, if used, can be of great advantages at home. Whether its a matter of maintaining the most-used appliances or performing crisis control after an everyday accident, when it comes to cleaning I agree: the faster, the better. Cleaning is a necessary evil. If we […]