My Rendezvous with a Winter Morning

Opening my eyes to the winter sun,                               My mind wandered into my childhood fun.                                     Rising to the sound of morning devotional songs,                                The silence went to the dark place to where it belongs. It reminds me of the morning ‘Fajr’ I used to hear,                            Making it a ritual of my exam […]

What is Happiness

Happiness is in people’s mind, Making them value the worth of time, For some it’s the highest level of peace, When all their worries chose to cease. For some it’s an unmatched level of anxiety, Laughing and sharing the joy without much criticality. It’s a gesture of being alive, Valuing the little pleasures of eternal […]

An Ode to Success

Stealing away some side and straight glances from people around, it was able to hold a firm ground. A very difficult task in today’s ever changing times, making it difficult for many to climb. There is no limit for its highest point, it only depends on it bearer’s view-point. It carries desire and ambition, along […]