Motherhood is a bliss for all the women. It’s an unsaid privilege of being a women that we experience in the form of motherhood. It’s indeed a blessing where we have the honour of nurturing a life within and outside. It’s a stream of endless emotions which makes us into selfless mothers. I can now […]

Skills that every child must know

Every parent want their child to excel in life, be it academic or extracurricular activities. But as we all will agree that, every child is different and so do their choices and liking. While growing up, they decide their preferences and start working towards them rigorously. ┬áThe case here is that every child has different […]

Social manners for kids

We, as parents, have several set norms for our children to follow. We always want them to be obedient and well mannered. I always want my daughter to return a thank you, greet people when she meets them, be considerate of the surroundings and apologize for her mistakes. There are several articles online and offline, […]