My recent tryst with reading

Recently I was not well and I was on a reading spree. I was on self imposed partial bed rest due to a boil, when I took advantage of the situation and read some 4 books back to back. I took breaks only for the loo and sleep. Thanks to Mr Husband, who took good care of the house and the baby. Because of him I was able to finish some very nice fiction novels who were looking my way for sometime. As all of you know that I love reading and I have a dream of making a reading corner in my home, I have ordered and received some 8 books on my birthday as a gift. God bless those lovely souls for gifting me something really useful and enhancing my spirits. I am gradually and steadily making my dream a reality by getting 2 books every month. This exceeds to 3 or 4 books also in some exceptional months.


So coming back to the point, I have made a segment in my blog where I promised that I will keep writing about my love for books through book reviews, book decor or simply by listing some books which are worth a read. So keeping my promise I am stating my experience and review for those books who took me on a wonderful journey in my recuperating days and helped me in keeping away my pain.

World of imagination

Whenever I read a book, the decision whether it is good or bad depends upon the clarity of visual imagination it provides. All the people who adores fictional reading will agree with me that while reading, every line of the book, creates a visual in our mind. It purely depends upon our perception and previous encounters. It will differ from person to person. So for me the fate of the book and writer depends upon the visual treat it offers me. Mostly I like books with a happy ending as it provides a proper closure but as they say, that the most important thing is to have a strong impression of the book and not only a happy impression.

Only a strong story line is not enough for a good book but also the way in which it is presented. Some times it happens with me that I stuck in lines and read them twice or thrice, when they are good but many times, I skip several lines in between as the meaning is clear while reading few lines only. The length of the paragraph or the story is not important but the content and way of writing is what matters the most. The most important thing for the author is to keep the readers glued to the book till the very end.

The Writers

Such were these books which didn’t let me move from them. The story and the characters were so real and intriguing that I couldn’t leave the story in between. And even when I did, all that was going in my mind was the book.

One such novelist is Khaled Hosseini. He is a very renowned and respected novelist. His great works are very famous particularly revolving around the struggle and war in Afghanistan. He is an afghan born american novelist and physician. So told by a dear friend and neighbor, I bought his collection of books, The Kiterunner, A Thousand Splendid Suns and And The Mountains Echoed. I read the first two novel back to back but the effect was hard hitting for a long time, the third one is still to go.

The other novelist that I read the book of, was Paulo Coelho. He is also a world renowned novelist with a different style of writing talent. He is a brazilian lyricist and novelist. Majorly his writings are fictional although they drew inspiration from his real life events. His renowned work included The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage and Brida among many others. I have read these three and I really admire his work so after a very long time I took this book, The Devil and Miss Prym, from a bookstore and read it in one go.

Veena Venugopal is an indian writer and has been a journalist for the past decade, and is based in Delhi. She writes for Quartz, Atlantic Media’s new online magazine. I came upon this book by her by chance and I really enjoy her work. Its very quirky and funny. I would really like to read more of her work.

The Books

The Kiterunner

download (6)When I started reading the novel, I found it very depressing and gloomy. But I had an assurance that its going to be very different from what I have read till date. I have also heard and read about the reviews for the writer and his books, so, that acted as a catalyst for me to keep going. But as the story kept unfolding , it was very difficult to part with it. It is basically a story about fatherhood. Its divided into three parts and each part portrays the live of Amir and Hassan. The complete story revolves around the central character Amir and how the change in Afghanistan political warfare caused the chaos in his life. The interesting plot is etched around a childhood cowardice and betrayal of few characters, at different time laps and how all,  managed to get over it, in the end. Its has a happy ending which made it all the more interesting and worth reading novel for me.

The Thousand Splendid Suns

51jkAgidvAL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_As the previous novel of Khaled Hosseini was all about fatherhood, this is the novel about motherhood and different emotions attached with it. This was a very emotional and teary eyed ride for me as I could feel the pain of the mother in several stages of the story. This is also set in the war zone of Afghanistan and the characters are placed amid the war throughout the major span of 20th and 21st century, unlike the previous novel.

It also portrays a hate to love relation between two central women characters Mariam and Laila. The story starts with the tough and poor life of Mariam and ends with a happy and community serving life of Laila with her family. The whole story is about how they met, got together and fought for a future amidst the bombing and war in Afghanistan.

I really like the attitude and bravery of the women characters of the novel and how they evolve themselves in spite of the tremendous and scary hardships in life. This novel made a connect with me from the very beginning itself. The language and slang used in the novel were hard hitting many times but that only added to the flavour and essence of the story.

The life in Afghanistan is the central point in both these novels which took me on a ride to a different part of the world. Their culture, thinking and way of living is what made me compare the freedom and generosity we experience and enjoy in our nation. After finishing both the books I feel very strongly about the love and care that I have the liberty to experience. Their they have it as a privilege while we take it for granted. Whats the best part of reading is that I realize many things that I have and feel happy and relaxed for them, which otherwise I don’t even give a thought to spare.

The Devil and Miss Prym

The-Devil-and-Miss-PrymThis is a novel written by the Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho.  The plot deals with choices in everyday life, which is a battle between good and evil by itself. Finally, our choices make the difference; but we have to take responsibility for our actions. Its about our choices for different emotions particularly fear, temptation and good & evil. The story revolves between three main characters The stranger, Old Berta and Chantal Prym.  The situation between all three of them is the storyline of this novel. It also have a happy ending as the good wins over the evil. I found the storyline somewhat boring towards the end as it felt to be dragged. But then the plot changes and all the grip was regained. As I am a fan of Paulo Coelho’s writing, I found this novel worth a read once.


Mother- in – law

books--310x465I came across this novel when I was looking for others books on a e commerce website. I got attracted to the title of the book and when I read the plot, I found it quite different and realistic. It is  an amalgamation of 11 stories of different ladies and their stint with their mother in laws. The journey of all these women is very simple, somewhere funny and it was very easy for me to empathize and sympathize with them. These stories are out from the real life. The best part of this book is that it portrays the point of view of a mother in law also in the end. So, the readers get to know the point of view of both sides of the coin.




So this was my recent tryst with reading. I hope you all enjoyed reading it and it may have encouraged some of you to start reading one or all of these books. I couldn’t write the complete summary of every book or story as I feel that the aim of this write up is to encourage reading and not to provide the storyline. I feel that it destroys the essence of the story and the book. So , I will keep reading and updating this space for more such interesting reviews and write ups relating to books.

Happy reading…


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