Decoration ideas for this festive season

As we all will agree that India is a beautiful amalgamation of different cultures, traditions and rituals. Here every custom is religiously followed and enjoyed with equal pomp and show, whether its Eid celebrations or its Ganesh Chaturthi or its Holi, Dussehra, Diwali etc. And with every festival, comes a different mood of celebration and decoration. No festival in India is complete without lots of food, decoration, merriment and laughter. And that’s the best part of our country that irrespective of the religion or the caste, everyone enjoys the festival to the best of their abilities and capabilities.

So with the ongoing festive season, with Eid just gone by and Navratra and Dussehra, just round the corner, followed by Karva Chauth and Diwali, its the right time to renovate your abode with some beautiful changes here and there. Soon coming will be the heavy discounted shopping season, with discounts practically on everything. So the right time is just knocking on your door, to shop and so this is the best time for me to give you all some wonderful decoration ideas, to make it easy for you to shop stuff.

As most of you must have read my previous post on Color palatte revisted, those who haven’t, this is the link here. Visit the post and get some wonderful ideas to add some splash of colors to the existing decor of your home. So continuing with the festive and colorful mood, I am stating here, some decoration ideas, which you all can try at home in these festivals.

Corner Decorations

72eeed0e04d3aa0bea12c47cd834d8c4 015f797ff9752290d9a9241881a4f237 Lets start with the corner decorations. We all have such corners at home which can be decorated exclusively, in accordance to the theme of the event. In this case its in accordance with the festivals. So you can have either a budda theme or Ganeshji theme or simply placing some brass figure with lots of flowers and diyas.


As you can notice in the left image that there is a green DIY bottle placed. Its a simple wine bottle used as a decorative item for the overall decor. You can easily find the tutorial to make such bottles on Youtube or Pintererst. Just a small tip from my side, instead of rolling it with a single color, try doing it in different colors of wool. It will give the needed splash of color to the complete corner and will maintain the subtlety of the complete decor.

3ab8f316b5636ad0493a1f0c6d8d3f4aIts all about the things that you like and feel for. Like the brass items that were used in our childhood days in abundance, but are lost in oblivion, can be put to good use this season of festivals. Use them as flower vase, or a corner decorative and enhancement stuff or a center table decorative piece, to, not only add the glamour but also to revive your good old childhood memories.


Color palette

Simple use of colors can enhance any place or corner in your house. I have maintained this thought since the starting of my blog. With my last article on colors, this idea is absolutely perfect for a colorful festivals coming soon. In the picture below, the artist has made use of some bangles and colorful glasses to create a wonderful decor.


1ad525eb0a4afe8a021657cdfa8a0eb5In addition to this, you can buy these hanging candle holders easily available in the market. Amidst all the lightening, you can have this little desi twist in your home. For some DIY ideas, instead of these market available glass diyas , make your own diyas with the glass bottles at home. Or if DIY is too tiring, go for the available options for colorful hanging bottles in the market.They can be hanged amidst your living room curtains as well.


These hangings will be available in the local market, or the various exhibitions that you may be attending in your city. They give an urban touch to the complete up class, classy decoration, apart from adding the color and festive feel in your abode.

You all must be thinking about the much used word , color, in the complete write up. Its my personal belief that anything can be lighted up by adding colors. Especially when its festive time, colors give a niche to the complete decoration. Colors are just like spices in your food, adding the necessary punch to the whole flavor. Try it!!






Center Table Deckup

This is the necessary area to be decorated according to the theme or the occassion. So we need to spend some time over unique ideas for decoration. All my images are sourced from Pinterest and kudos to all the wonderful people out there, who gave such amazing ideas for this category86534f6a6f2d86902fe84d12343080dc .

Do you have some old heavy junk jwellery lying in your cupboard? Take them out as now is the time to put them to good use. Simple yet elegant and unique way of decking your center table.

In the picture beside, simple use of a brass candle holder, flowers and peice of jwellery is enough for a minimalist yet edgy, center table decor.









8a245ce136ac4ab4941e9df1af44534fSo is the case with the picture beside. A tray with buddha, piece of jwellery, flower stick and candles are all what it takes for  this awesomeness. Surely I am going to use some of these ideas for my home decor this season.












d5fa0f3d71f787bbe714116b3c5e01f7d331b2b554fe142c0086417496ed2a10Some of the other center table ideas are also listed here.

The key for a different yet classy decoration is, use of flowers and colors along with your world of imagination. No one except you can make your room, a treat for your guests. You should try to make your room, a reflection of your thoughts and personality. When you will follow your instincts, nothing will be over done or underdone. It will only be PERFECT.


Happy Decorating and Happy Festivities.



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