Some tiny tales of my daily routine

The air conditioner in our room, in spite of lots of servicing and repairing, makes a sound very similar to a tractor (not that loud in decibels although) while working. So the other day, in the night, after much deliberation and efforts of Mr. Husband, the little one went off to sleep. (I was checking my customary night updates on Facebook). Thuuddd.. A sound was made by the AC before going off into the silent mode. Mr Husband gave such a dirty look to the AC as if telling him that “Can’t you see she just slept after a day’s labor of mischiefs and tantrums? You make one more such sound and I will pull you off.”. Then he turned, hugged the little one, gave her a little peck and closed his eyes to sleep.

I was mesmerized. I couldn’t help smiling and loving him more. Who says that its all about the motherly care that’s tender and gentle? Even fathers have that softest spot in their hardcore body, for their little ones, which is very caring and sweet. Maybe they are at loss of words and actions to express that love. There is a genetic misconception that states that men are not very touchy and sensitive. They are aloof of emotions and are very practical in their approach and temperament. Completely false. I have seen my father knowing from my eyes when I cried, from my voice if I was not well, from my mood if I had a bad paper etc. Such are fathers. And so is my life, full of these tiny little tales.

One of our friend says that, I can’t see beyond Mr Husband. Meaning, my every conversation is somewhere directly and indirectly is pointed towards him? My girlfriends will tell better though but I guess that’s true. And I am like, WHY? When did this happen? Sometimes I am so irritated with myself for making this happen so smoothly and effortlessly. After the birth of my little one, my entire relationship with my husband has went a drastic change. It has always been her in the limelight. Our conversations, observations, planning and aspirations are all surrounded around her. Such are us.

Just a few days back, I went to my little one’s school to pick her up. As I entered the class, I saw her having a candid chat with her two teachers and the caretaker there. When she saw me, she gave me a little smile but she kept sitting on her chair. Haah! What an enthusiasm on seeing me. It dumped all my spirits of an adorable hug and a peck on cheek. On further probing I got to know that she was telling her teacher that at home, she is the one who does all the work. Her mother, that by God’s grace is me, keeps lying down all day and her father, lucky Mr Husband, is only busy with his laptop and office work. (At least he does some work in her eyes). In everyone’s eyes, I have become a lazy bone who orders poor her and her pitiful father, for all the work. What a generation it is? And what drama queen she is? But what a lovable age she is in, where there is no tension about people’s attitude and opinion. Just pure innocence and her dream world where she makes “two rotis and two sabjis” .

Not so long ago, there was another episode. I was leaving for office, when she got up and asked me “Mumma, listen to me”. I went to her, she hugged me and said,” Please don’t go to the office”. I had tears in my eyes as I knew that I could not take the leave, (as mostly its work from home and its necessary to go once a week for my flow of work) but in this situation, its going to be very difficult for me. But after just little deliberation and divergence, she hugged me again and said,” Bye Mumma. Have fun. Enjoy”, in the same way as I tell her when she goes to school in the morning. No tantrums, no teary eyes, just a guilt driven me off to work. Such are my days and life.

But in spite of these daily stories, life is manageable and hilarious most of the time. It teaches a lot of things to me along with my little one. Motherhood is a gradual process of learning where you are the teacher sometimes and sometimes you are the student to your little one. So I thought of penning down some of these stories to keep up my spirits and mood.

Happy Motherhood…..


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  1. Too cute..loved it…

    1. thank you so much for your appreciation

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