A healthy Lifestyle.. Your basic responsibility

The internet is full of various dos and don’ts for a healthy lifestyle. Several health brands and fashion brands have roped in famous celebrities for stamping their virtues and advises, for typical health care. Even I am an ardent follower of several tips and fruitful yoga sessions by a known personality, fashion and dressing up tips flashed on social media etc and I feel there is no harm in doing all this. The point of question here is, how much intrusion is really necessary for a healthy and happy lifestyle?

Of-course, we all are entitled for a healthier and happier life and routine but the real workout here is not the regime but your point of comfort and determination. I feel that we should never set unrealistic goals for ourselves. Because, initially its the excitement that keeps us going and pushing, but as the fatigue and boredom takes the front seat, it becomes difficult for people in question here, to maintain that routine and regime. Be it me, moi, myself.

As I touched 30 ripe years of my life, by the way, I am 31, as of today, everybody all over the globe, started giving me point of references for a better and healthier life. As apparently, all of a sudden, I had become an hormonal imbalanced living being standing on the verge of shaking hands with lots of uninvited diseases and future complications. My ever known habits have become unhealthier. I do agree with many concerns and point of references but the continuous intrusion in my routine got on my nerve. Being a true Gemini, I don’t like much of ordering and telling-you-what-to-do type of commands, however right they might be.

So little contribution from my daughter’s school routine and Mr Husband’s early morning nets, I got inspired by such enthusiasts in my home. (Although no visible effect on Mr Husband till yet). This very morning, while doing my Yoga, (its been a 7-8 months of regular yoga routine now), my mind was as usual wandering over several important and several non-important topics. (Another Gemini trait, that your mind is never empty. That’s why I never try meditation as I know it will take hell lot of an effort to shut off the thoughts pouring in). And so I was thinking that, as they all believe that every body is different, and so should be there routine. But then the person who happens to be the follower of that healthy lifestyle should be the only decider of a comfortable morning routine or daily routine. Not that you pick unhealthier stuff and habits here.

The whole point everywhere is to be healthy and happy amidst this stressful and hectic life. Some part of your day or life in general, should be in your command, rather than being mere puppets of office life, personal have-to-do-it phase and chasing behind the fast running healthier and younger times. The whole idea is to have no barrier in your mind, body and soul, regarding growing age, stress and responsibility. Check the stats and data, which clearly stats the health dangers in today’s scenario because of obvious-known-not-to-mention-again reasons. So do try several must to do things, changeable according to your convenience for sure. My routine is as follows.

  1. I wake up early as per regular morning standards. Little contribution from Mr Husband and his khat-pat while getting dressed up for his nets. So I am forced to get up quite early as per my previous standards.
  2. I have a regular exercise routine, even if it is for mere 15 mins. It is very necessary for the basic health of my body and system. Sometimes they are quite elaborate and extensive as compared to other times when I am in a hurry for my further routine. But there are some sure-to-do exercises which I don’t miss at all.
  3. I chose and prefer to spend some alone time in the morning doing what pleases me the most. I think gardening has become a relaxing and cool habit for me to follow. Then again I will maintain that the answer lies with only you and no one else, if you have some other interests. I like to be quite and gather up my energy gradually in due course of time during the day.
  4. I generally don’t skip my breakfast. And I have what I feel like having depending on my hunger and appetite. There is never a need to starve or overfeed yourself as that is way more dangerous in the long run. So sometimes I have a filling ‘paratha’ diet and sometimes lighter fruits-cereal-bread type of meal.
  5. I prefer to have an early lunch, for me and my little one, around 1 pm for easy on the stomach and digestion. You can always go for fillers in between the breakfast and lunch. Short meals means no harm, if taken in the required necessary amount.
  6. Have a hobby and pursue it with lot of positivity and happiness in the evening or whenever you get some time. It will give you lot of peace and  contentment. I have read it somewhere and made a point to follow it since then. As I love reading, I read lots of books during the progression of my day, as and when I get time to do so.
  7. I eat and make sure my family also eats an early dinner by 8:30 pm for giving some grace time for the digestive system to do its 24*7 job efficiently. Oh they so hated it in the beginning.
  8. This complete setup means you will be drowsy and sleepy by 10 pm. And however hard you push it you can’t go beyond 11 pm in favorable situations. So early rising means an early sleeping time. How so our ancestors use to do and say the same things.

These things are very viable and essential for a long, healthy and prosperous life. There will be hiccups and off days in between. I have many, you should know. But then whole scenario is to push yourselves beyond the limitations and inhibitions. My health is my basic responsibility and I have to go beyond certain measures to keep it healthy and wise.



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