Marriage Musings

In an era of crumbling marriages being the highlight of the papers, I often ponder over the real ingredients of a successful (if that is even the right term) marital bliss. I know this is a very debatable keynote, for which I can even receive lot of flak, but today, this is the only thought going on in my mind (the cognition of being the one, having 10 different things going in the head at the same time). What accurately are the trials and tribulations one surpasses to make things work happily? Whenever I look around, I have examples of my parents, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my cousins etc who in their own accords have excelled in this province. Each duology is different from the other, still the result is the same.

If you go by the conventional edify, then compassion, love, understanding, communication, sincerity are the integrants in a marital bond but I am sure that with the new age dyads, it takes lot more than these to survive. Hands down these above integrants are the most basic and valuable dos but with the time constraint for all the working, non-working dyads, a little pinch of unique magic dust is necessary (it might be different for every pair). At the time before my marriage, I use to rehearse certain unique feature of each marital bond I knew so that I can incorporate those in my own. The ideal one being of my maternal grandparents, who surpassed every affliction in their approximately 58 years of marriage with such grace and poise that it had put even hardships to shame.


What I observed and still do even today is the unique virtue of every wedlock (even acquaintances). I personally believe that every individual pair together, even for a little time, must have something superficially unique. The idea is to find what God made uncommon for everyone. I am still working on to find one out of many in my own (as I can’t have a third person perspective for my own). But yes, I have learnt this in my few years of togetherness that even I know different rectitudes of the marriages around, it’s not necessary that I will have the same effect of those in mine as well. Each marriage, disparate probity.

Ours is the zone where many young couples or individuals take the celebrity lives as a specimen to spice up their mundane life. And when there is news all over the media of the splits, we all feel that the thought media is provoking is that, it’s all in good books to move ahead leaving the sanctity behind. What they don’t illustrate, because they don’t know, the pain and the real reasons of the splits. The readers get the picture what the media portrays and not what the real reason might be.

Marriage still holds some (Please read: the most) worthiness in today’s scenario as well. Its one of the high prolific, publicly accepted ritual all over the globe. May be things are not the same for everyone, so go around and try to find the unique thing for the happy survival of your invisible cord. Yes, when I look around, the things are not ideal for everyone but then ideal marriage is just a concept we all work on just like perfectness. So get to find the uniqueness in your marriage to have a different quotient for the most common bond around.

PS: I feel that my heart still skips several beats when I see him smile (or laugh) the genuine ones. He does lots of fake ones as well (I know it Mr Husband). And that’s what still works as a magic, creating the pseudo happy balloon around us.

PPS: I am also on cloud nine (which also gives me a high and positivity about us), when he does even a little PDA just for me, (as I know he hates it and is old school).

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