Porcelain: The new kitchen trend

After contemplating for months over the topic for discussion, I came over an article in the newspaper stating the usage and cost effectiveness of porcelain cutlery. Yes, the utensils or cutlery we often find on cookery shows worldwide. You might notice them more intrinsically after reading my piece in the blog. They are either available at the local vendors or branded home decor centric shops. Apart from these, they are also available online on several portals.

Why to use this as a cutlery set?

They are very trendy and chic with their earthy feel and colour. They give in a more eco friendly environment in your home. Most important, they are nature inspired tableware which will put up a very good impression on your home decor as well. Integral to any table setting, the selective tableware will lend a pleasing match or contrast with the existing porcelain. With the local artisans market taking a necessary and sudden uplift, there are various serene depictions as well, standing tall in the middle of all soothing colours and botanical motifs.

With the apt search in the local and online marketplace, one can easily find the porcelain cutlery of their choice and inspiration. Every decor is inspired by either a single tone or a mix of multiple tones. So one can perfectly make this a signature statement amongst the rest of the tonality in the house. There are very clever designs on these porcelain pieces, which acts as a perfect piece to serve the delicacies. The fast increasing and upcoming trends in the market, the perfect balance can be a harmonious blend of vintage and modern aesthetics.

Why porcelain as a material?

Today, the world is waking up to a healthy and ‘satvik’ living. It is fastly turning towards those items and food which are eco friendly to the environment and healthy at the same time. A famous article stated that the kind of pans and pots one have in their kitchen, speaks volume about their health. Porcelain as a material is widely accepted as a strong, durable and lightweight cookware. It is a type of ceramic that is composed mostly of white clay in addition to other substances.

It is highly recommended for cooking purposes as it doesn’t release toxic chemicals or substances like other materials, after extensive usage and is very durable. Apart from this, it also distributes the heat homogeneously which rapidly cooks the food very efficiently. One gets a perfectly cooked and tender meal in no time.

Decor value

As they are easy for keeps, they are equally easy to please oneself. With a vast range of varieties, be it in floral, plain hues, modern designs, nature wilderness, contemporary or abstract designs, they always compliments the existing interiors. Be it a blended design or a contrasting one, they gel in well with the kitchenware and tableware. Give a chance to a new change for a long lasting impact and uses.

So are you ready to inspire yourself and your beloved guests at home with a nature friendly and earthy porcelain kitchenware and tableware?





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