The Voice of Water

The whole purpose of creating a home is to have a place of peace and calm. In simple words a home is an ideal place to soothe your nerves and mind. To create a peaceful living space is the aim of every homemaker. Now how to utilize and include the elements depends upon each person’s sensibilities and likings. A common factor among all the secta of personalities can be a water architecture amongst different decor elements. It creates the right amount of balance between the voices and noises.

Add water feature to any interior theme such as a fountain, water garden, pool or aquarium, suiting an individual’s choices, to induce a calming effect in the surroundings. Have you given a thought as to why do we like to sit on a beach or in the mountains beside a stream or near a river watching fishes? The common focal point among all these different locations is the sound of water.

Uses of having a water architecture at home

It’s very necessary in today’s busy life schedule to calm your senses. With the fast pace life expectations, life takes a toll on our lifestyle and mental health. In lieu of this crisis, this comes as a handy and very organic solutions to our issues. It also creates a soothing ambience. Combine with subtle and sobre lighting can give the well asked environment for any social or individual gathering.

The other use of having a water body at home is that it moisturize the air, as it constantly releases just a bit of moisture in the otherwise hot and cold air, to make the space more healthier and comfortable.

It also acts as a sound barrier and blocks all the unnecessary noises in the surroundings. This will ensure that one can have a peaceful sleep which will be healthier and calmer.

Types of water bodies

It may not only be fountains or ponds. It can also be different types and sizes of aquariums, water floorings, a glass partition to create a cascading water effect, copper bowls with lots of floating candles and petals, artificial waterfall with faux grass and stones, a simple small fountain or water running down a small sculpture.


The only thing to address is any seepage issues in the house. Once that is dealt with, one can have any kind of water body interiors to enhance the overall aesthetic value. Also, you must look out for space concerns. One must have a realistic water feature depending upon the existing space in the house.

The overall idea is to welcome oneself for an unmatched experience for their body and soul by these next level of bespoke interiors. Let’s make this a dominant trend in our households to mark a eco friendly living and sustainability.

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