When Is It Going To rain

I see around to a poor rickshaw puller wiping his face with the sleeve of his shirt, cursing the heat of the sun every fraction of minutes but not stopping the work in hand. Gloomy eyes and sweaty palms look up in the sky as if looking for an answer to the million dollar question, when is it going to rain?

I see a 5 year old child pestering his aaya to take him to the park as she is trying her level best to delay it a bit more. The sun is shining in its full glory and she is afraid to take its wrath. But seeing the excitement of the child she gave in and made up her mind for the stroll in the sunny evening. Looking up the sky she ask aloud, when is it going to rain?

I see my maid working very hard in the sweaty summers to earn enough money for little kids at home. While doing the household chores she is always in a hurry to finish the work and run. However everyday she has to face the scorching heat of the sun as how hard she tries to avoid it, she encounters its full beauty everyday. And then she looks up the sky thinking to herself, when is it going to rain?

I see a couple sitting in a posh car with their glares on, the newly wedded wife with her chooda shining in its unmatched glamour and enjoying the chilled air from the air conditioner in the car. The husband is at the steering singing a song, not oblivion of his chatty wife beside him. And just like that, in their flowing thoughts they look up at the sky at the same time as if asking, when is it going to rain?

I was sitting in my living room enjoying my morning cuppa of green tea and looking over my plants with half burned leaves from the heat of the sun. I pity my plants as they require sun for their survival but sun on the other hand is taking this as a toughness competition, trying to defeat the lives in the plants. The morning breeze is seeming to feel like a warm wind jolting me up from my sleep. Randomly a thought crossed my mind, when is it going to rain?

P.S: Different scenarios, same thoughts yet the struggles are different. No matter, what strata of society we belong to, we all turn towards nature for help. As it is the only thing which doesn’t follow the biases of religion, caste and creed. Can we all not be, as a single unit, little considerate towards the nature and  save it from our own wrath?

Pic credit: Internet, unknown source

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