Short Story 1: The Jhumki Saga

A little girl in her ragged clothes passed a roadside jhumki shop. Her eyes and heart glittered with the shine of various beads, pearls, sequins and glitter. She saw a fat man sitting on the other side of the table working very hard with his needle to make a bead adjust with the rest of the family of beads stuck together, not by fate but by him.

Their eyes met for a fraction of seconds. She pleaded hard with her eyes in that miniscule window for the cheapest pair he has, but for free. Not sure if he understood the under-rated eye communication, she took two steps forward in lieu of some unintended hope of a miracle from the fat man.

The man saw the girl coming near his shop and he uncomfortably shifted slightly in his place. His mind started working with a lightning speed to find a convincing reason for the girl to come there. Thanks to her rags, she was surely not a customer. His mind stuck with one thought, which was not uncommon at all. ‘She is here to steal my beloved jhumkas’, he thought. She must be a thief.

‘Go from here’, he roared. The girl got frightened but not disheartened. She was determined to try again as her heart was dying to have just one pair which she can flaunt to her gully friends. Nobody in her gully has ever had any possession. She can have one pair, she thought, it just needs a little pestering. (Why was she still hopeful).

Now the man was really irritated as it was his selling time and customers have started coming in. He doesn’t wanted any distractions of any kind from anyone, not from her for sure. He got up to give the girl a nice scolding when suddenly a hand came and dragged the girl from there, hurling abuses at her for not listening to him. For a nanosecond the fat man felt bad for the way she got dragged from there.

The cruel man was crying inside as he was the helpless father of this girl who actually saved her daughter from an insult from that fat man. He knew the fat jhumka seller was a harsh man just like several others who judge the pocket of the person from their clothes. He was struggling daily to find ways to tell her 5 years old that those glitter were not meant for her. He was getting defeated daily to make her understand that she was a daughter of a SWEEPER.

Disclaimer: This story doesn’t hold any resemblance to any person or entity and is purely out of my imagination and events around me.

Pic courtesy: internet, source unknown

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  1. Shaloo Mishra says: Reply

    Beautiful imagination stating the irony of life. Loved it

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