Short Story 2: The Little Ray of Hope

As soon she opened her eyes, she saw the sun shining with its full glory. The bright impeding rays woke her up with a tight jolt as a staunch fear of how to feed her children rose up her bosom. ‘Why has she let herself sleep till late?’, her heart gave her mind a harsh bashing. ‘Early mornings are the safest time when we can quickly look out for places for some food and water’. Today she has lost precious hours due to her over sleeping. They were four of her beloved little beings whom she gave the most lovable motherly gleam. She can’t bear the pain of letting her children suffer from hunger in this scorching summer heat.

She looked around and couldn’t find the father, her beloved. ‘He must have gone for the necessities’, she thought. “What if he couldn’t find anything? Chuck it. I will also go in search for these little ones. Few people these days think about us and lesser about helping us. Many articles and social talks about providing food, water and shelter to the needy. The reality is that no one comes to our rescue. Let’s not waste time”, she said aloud. One glance at her children and another devilish fear of leaving them alone returns.

Few months back, she has lost one of these siblings, her youngest among all. She has gone out in search of some food in the morning as per their routine and her world came crashing down on her return in the evening. They all went in different directions in search of him but in vain. All she could do was to be normal for the sake of her family. “That’s our fate”, she thought and moved on.

Brushing past her umpteen thoughts she made her way out of the little nest they had made in a small tree in the vicinity. ‘What will happen to us when all trees will be gone?’ she thought. Flying around the societies her eyes were searching for little casket of water and bird food for her little ones. These are the only hope they were left with. ‘Nature made jungles are now replaced with man-made jungles.  But they are of no use to us’, she couldn’t stop herself thinking. Her mind remembered those fearless times when their species use to flourish, along with humans, with lots of trees around with lots of food and water for all. Her family and friends use to stay together in the bunch of trees in a nature park, a scarcity these days. Life was really good and happy. But sadly that was many years back. It seems like a different life to her. She misses those flourishing happy times with her loved ones.

Amidst of these continuous flow of depressing thoughts, her eyes twinkle at the astounding view of a house in the middle of plush green lawn, surrounded with numerous trees and plants. She flies hard to reach there quickly. She was chirping with joy as soon as she saw here beloved there as well.

They were elated with joy as they know for sure that for some time all their worries will be over. They were making innumerable plans in their head for a better livelihood. They were not able to stop themselves to quickly get their children near to this abode and flourish beneath this heaven. Taking food along, they fluttered their wings in joy for their was a new hope of a happy future for them.


Disclaimer: The story, idea and thoughts are purely showcasing my opinions. It is not to hurt the sentiments and ideologies of any or all strata of society. It’s been written for reading and to inspire people to plant more trees and plants to give shelter, food and water to many of these near extinct species of birds.

Pic Courtesy: Internet, source unknown.

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