My Insight for Nature

Nature is an unparalleled place to hug everyone so strange.

Who does this gesture in today’s time, when no one cares a dime?

When people struggles to trust even their closest kin, nature has that immense strength to take people under its humongous tin.

In-spite of knowing the fact very well that we are the breed responsible for its decay, untimely ageing and for sure gradual death, it does not have a little bit of hesitation in helping the shameless us.

Of course it has its fury in the form of earthquakes, cyclones and storms, claiming several lives in different forms.

But what to do, as global warming is a fatal disease making impossible for the nature to sail through.

And yes, it affects us as well, pushing us all towards a living as bad as hell .

What fools are we to ignore the signs and keep laughing at the death of our own kind?

What ignorant bunch of nerds are we to know the consequences and still not getting into our senses?

What stupid breed are we to challenge and enhance things of our own damage?

Still nature is a forgiving soul, I have seen it for sure.

Those glorious days will be back again with little bit if self-restraint.

Just a little bit of effort.

Just a little bit of conscious.

Just a little bit of selflessness.

Just a little bit of knowledge.


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