Walking down the memory lane, with the cloudy chain

I am starting to walk down the memory lane, seeing the awesome cloudy chain.                                      Amidst the random daily clutter, old memories splutter.

Few unmatched personalities, appearing behind the so called conscious and unconscious normalities.      Are asking me about my umpteen thoughts, and taking me back to the mesmerizing spots.

That was an unparalleled time, like the melodious sound of a chime,                                                                Can spend various dimes, to bring back that precious part of my lifetime.

And along with time will bring those people, who were similar to a sugar steeple.                                          Along with their ancient innocent laughter, which in today’s time is the most sought-after.

With people and emotions so pure, it was the era which made my childhood most secure,                            How I miss seeing those faces, who were the reason for my existences in different phases.

Now they are a part of my past, still coming back with same beautiful taste really fast,                                    The feelings with these memories is of utter peace, which comes back with so much ease.

I wish to live those time again, just like the thirst quenching rain,                                                                        I wish to see those faces again, relieving me of my tremendous pain,

I wish to hug them again, till the time my energy drain,                                                                                          I wish them all to be in my life again, this time only for my personal gain.

No one can tell the impact of those loses of mine, securely hidden behind my smile,                                       I am starting to walk down the memory lane, seeing the awesome cloudy chain.

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