An Ode to Success

Stealing away some side and straight glances from people around, it was able to hold a firm ground.

A very difficult task in today’s ever changing times, making it difficult for many to climb.

There is no limit for its highest point, it only depends on it bearer’s view-point.

It carries desire and ambition, along with lot of time attrition.

It has surly got several perks, not to forget some unavoidable jerks.

It has many followers in row, both good and bad taking tow.

Comparison being the bad one, taking away all the tagged along fun.

As there is also a constant pressure, eating up all the childhood inner treasures.

No doubt it brings lots of glamour, giving away the pleasure after all the sustainability pressure.

But sometimes it takes away the empathy, turning it into an unwelcome sympathy.

Also comes a burden of social presence, fading away the necessary family essence.

It’s not a personality fault for sure, as human being themselves have the cure.

By simply embracing the flaws, one can lay down in the mind the invisible clause.

Make an effort to return to the society, giving the lifespan of success a variety.

The real treasure of it is to have the heart of a child, laughing away the failure and defeat in stride.

That’s the real meaning of success, where the mind is devoid of any mess.

There is only peace,happiness and love, taking away the soul covering glove.

Welcoming the life with bare hand, feeling the warmth of surroundings grand.

Always with a genuine smile on the face, refusing to be the part of the useless race.

Enjoying the little gifts of god, touching the unknown emotions abroad.

Set out on a journey of self love, making the human existence of some worth.

That should be the motto of one’s life, wedding the happiness associated with small things as a wife.

Success will automatically come hoping, killing all the hurdles stopping

Then the happiness facade will be written in golden words, making the soul singing songs like free birds.

Every success has a story, make it worth by not adding any misery.






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