My Maternal Bliss

As a mother of a four year old my life is full of entertainment. Everyday is full of possibilities and failed gestures. With her growing up, like in every second, every bone in my body is all in love with her various actions and also in a super frustrated mode with her irrational questions, all at the same time. Her daily tantrums sometimes get to my nerves and I feel like running away or trashing her to her reasonable senses but then several self-proclaimed-maternal-gurus beautiful articles jolt me back into my lovey-dovey-mother self again, where you forgive or let go of your child’s most actions with a benefit of doubt of being small and your own blood. Its just a phase, that’s what I tell myself every time I am dealing with such scenarios (that’s almost every other second). 

Thanks to all my peers, who so passionately share their stories, that sometimes its such a relief to make myself feel blessed that I am not alone in this mad jumboree. It feels so good just to realise that someone else is also in the same boat as me. As my daughter sometimes tell me, with so much love, “It’s ok mumma. All will be well soon. I am there na!”. These are generally my dialogues when she fell ill or is dealing with her own struggles of setting up her blocks or getting her ‘M’s and ‘N’s right. So apart from this partially sad mother, I am also here to tell some interesting stories of my little one, which makes every ounce of blood in my body to multiply 10 times. 

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Story 1:

For her ‘Show & Tell’ activity in school, she was given the topic animals. As a good mother to teach her independence, I asked her to choose the animal she wants to speak on. She chose Turtle, (frankly I was very happy that she didn’t chose dog, cat or cow, but also very worried because now I have to search about the points and make her to learn them). Nevertheless, we succeeded and did some wonders in making her learn the points with nice pictures (efforts by Mr Husband). Next day when she came back from the school, I as per the inquisitive mother catalogue, I asked her about what she did in her activity? She said that I told a story in the school. I was like, ‘What?’. To the utter shock she said that she told a story about the turtle and monsters. Then she told me about a brand new story of a turtle and fishes who stays inside the sea and are eaten by the monsters. One part of me was beeming with joy that my daughter was good at on-the-spot topics and was fearless. But the other part of me was little sad that she didn’t follow the instructions or she is carried away with other things and not sticking to her own. What to do? I guess a mother can never have the best of both the worlds. 

Story 2:

For her next show and tell activity, the topic was ‘Indian festivals and Celebrations’. She chose Dussehra this time. This time I was careful and let her chose her words in the form of a story or sequence of events. And she did impress me with her little version of sequence of events where dussera is to celebrate the victory of Ram killing Ravan, bringing back of Sita from captivity and the triumph of good over evil. This time although I was confident that she will change the facts but convinced myself that she will nearly stick to the actual version of facts. So next day when she returned from the school, my obvious question was not obvious. I asked her what facts exactly she twisted this time ? And the reply was epic. This is how she goes, “Mumma, I didn’t twisted anything. I just told them that Ravan kidnapped Sita because he liked her a lot. Ram and Laxman went to save Sita as they both liked her a lot too. Then Ram killed Ravan to bring back Sita to Ayodhya as everyone liked Sita a lot. ” I was speechless as it was straight out of a masala hindi movie. It was nowhere near to the version we heard of Ramayan or what we told her. The facts were right but the way she put up them was a little over the top and dramatic. The first thing I thought was what the teachers would be thinking that parents are teaching this to her?”

One thing that I learnt in this complete scenario was that what we need is to let the children be. I realized that they are in the learning phase, where they will learn lots of things during the process of unlearning lots of things taught to them by us. They have a journey of their own and we have to let them explore that on their own. We should be walking behind to catch them if they fall but not in the front to drag them onto a  path we want them to follow. Its little unnerving sometimes where you have to put up several fights with yourself as well as with others to let your child be the natural self of what they actually are. But trust me this will be the best thing you could do for your child in the long run. 

So will be back with more stories of my maternal bliss. If you have any, please feel free to share them in the comment section.  

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