Life is a teacher , an ideal preacher

A new lesson in its every moment, giving a close fight to its craziest opponent,

Time goes in line with the never ending life, just like the ever fighting husband and wife,

Not one can survive without the other, still cribbing about the existence of the other,

Whether life is harsh or smooth, depends on the individual’s mental booth,

The compartments in the mind are very small, each ready to start a crawl,

The moment we start thinking about even one, it starts growing into a space as big as a ton,

Then it suppresses the other chambers, eating away it’s numerous members ,

If the good ones are no more, a person’s existence is in a danger zone,

Bad thoughts start entering the fellow members, filling the empty spots in all the empty chambers,

Then is the time to wake up, stopping the soul’s blowup,

It’s time to start the mental cleanup, proudly putting the negatives aside with the chin up,

Filling the chambers again with the positive thoughts, opening the ungracious knots,

To feel the sunshine within, let the positive flow begin,

Its all already there within, making us all a part of the biggest spin,

Thus is the story of life, making us aware of its difficult strife.


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