Smile: An expression of magnitudes

Have you ever thought that what are the parameters that will tell you about others whether they are happy or not? I guess smile will be the first word that will strike the cords inside your brain as that is the most basic thing to express happiness. Yet, we are so negligent of this great gift given to us. Sometimes its just a molding of our lips where we are not even aware of it and sometimes its so prominent that every core of our body is happily smiling along. So what exactly is the deed behind such an expression that is so under rated.

This thought actually stroked me day before yesterday when I uploaded a family video of my brother’s engagement on social media. Yes, I am one of those who share their happy stuff on social media, no judgments though. So as I was so happy about this whole teaser of the happy stuff and dancing we hosted in Goa for my brother that I didn’t think twice before sharing it. One of my dearest friend called me saying that she couldn’t stop smiling throughout. And I guess that was the best compliment I could get for that and also an eureka moment for me when I realized that smile is the most basic form of expressing your happiness and satisfaction. Others being tears, hugs and kisses.

Also I noticed that the best part of the complete teaser was the smile of happiness on everyone’s face. And that made the complete video so heart warming and touching. Each and every event, be it the ramp walk, dances or the title giving ceremony, everyone was just laughing or smiling. And that was what made the huge difference to the entire scenario. That gave such a sense of satisfaction to us that all the efforts were paid off instantly.

So my next thought was that when smile is so easy to express or show our affection, why is it so hard to get? There are so many occasions where we all are so busy in picking out the flaws or the negatives that we forget to appreciate the efforts that were put into it. We are so engrossed it putting the whole affair into a scanner that we genuinely forget to appreciate the fact that a simple gesture can actually pull up the host’s spirits. And in the process, smile is nowhere in the picture.

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Apart from these occasional blowouts, how often do we smile in our daily routine? We are so much into health, lifestyle, profession, passion, food, home, family etc that we loose ourselves in the process. We just simply forget to give few seconds to mold our lips. We preach or hear others preaching that a smile can ward off the negativity, but do we really follow? Do we smile when we are all alone with just ourselves? Do we ever smile for us? NO. We don’t. That’s not our fault. I guess, we are brought up in this way where survival is the key to sustain happily. No one ever taught us to just smile. And the irony is that when someone does smile for himself/ herself, we categorize them as mad. That’s the sad and ugly truth of life.

The main thing in our routine life is that we generally find excuses to explain our unhappy state and often slips into depression but we never tend to find the real reason in our daily routine which can bring a smile to our face. We are more focused on finding the reasons and not the solutions. And so no smiles to anyone or ourselves. Get up people. No love is lost here. A huge span of years or hours are still left for us to make feel good about others and ourselves. Just smile. Why do we actually need reasons to smile?

Smile for no reason and trust me reasons will follow soon. Make your own day by getting up and smiling being the first thing to do. Rest will follow, believe me. Initially it will require some efforts and then it will be part of your system. Learn to greet everyone, even strangers, with a smile. That will make the world a better place to live in. Also, we will pass some really good cultural values to our next generation, where smile will be the most precious thing one can have and not those materialistic stuff. Smile and happy faces will make the whole living a much better scenario.

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