My Leafy Friends

Why do I love you so much, when I know you can’t say anything as such.

You are just responding to simple touch, swiftly vanishing away the grudge.

Your green leaves are inviting me to relax, bringing all the worries on track.

There is a calm I feel in your presence, filling my heart with pleasance.

I want to fill my house with you, with every corner beaming with your dew.

There is a delight in your green color, inspiring me to fill the space with every stunner.

The cool breeze soothes the mind, picking only happiness and peace from the grind.

What is this relationship I have it with you, no words and expressions to explain the attraction that grew.

Be always there in my heart, fulfilling the desire of the missing part.

This is my life so full of you, making it all worthwhile with expectations so few.

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