Planning your sunday

I came back from a weekend getaway from Udaipur after my wedding anniversary and Oh! it was a wonderful trip, and peaceful too. And after coming back, my husband went to his office and rest everything started moving with its normal routinely pace including my baby, except me. I wonder how he does that? Doesn’t he want rest and sleep? Is it with me or it happens with everyone, I often think. I started my new year with new zeal and enthusiasm, but after certain dinners, house parties, attending marriages and anniversary celebration, my zeal went puff , in the air. I have started feeling bored with my routine and thus I am always tired. Weekends are better as I can sleep more and can watch tv while dear Mr Husband looks after the baby. Even though lazy Sundays are the best (especially in the winter when its cold outside) my perspective on Sundays has changed a little bit since I started blogging. Sunday has taken on a whole new meaning to me now and instead of doing nothing on Sundays, I’ve found it to be extremely beneficial for the upcoming week to not be lazy. I love blogging and love what I do to get things done and working on Sundays isn’t a hassle anymore but more of an enjoyment. Working on my blog in general gives me a sense of relaxation, especially to know that its making me organized for the week.
Working hard is the key to success and this applies so much to being a blogger as well. With no work there’s no progress and the only way to grow is working hard to meet your goals. So, having a Sunday is a nice combination of relaxing and sleeping but it is also to get myself prepared and organized for the week ahead. By nature, I’m a planner. I plan everything and I make a plan to make plans. But Mr husband is just the opposite. He likes spontaneous calls. Call me crazy or call him a taurus, but that’s what I’ve found that works for me best.I believe that even if you aren’t a big planner, you need to have some sort of plan to have a good, productive week. If I have things sorted out, clean and planned, my mind isn’t trying to go in a million directions, it definitely puts me at ease! Here are 10 things I’ve found very helpful to do on a Sunday that no doubt gives a productive week ahead. 

  1. Set goals and write them down for the week.

    It has really helped me to achieve successfully. It is anything I have made plans to do. It can be as small as daily dusting or as big as cupboard cleaning. It can be a long pending shopping spree as well, which is a total fun for me but a little tiresome for Mr Husband. (When I get bored of setting sunday goals for me I make sunday goals for Mr Husband. It is way more fun to watch him doing that. Lol.)

  2. Get a head start on the blog posts for the week. Whether it be writing a draft, editing or taking photos for the post(s), this is a HUGE stress reliever for me!

Of lately I noticed that with my household work and the baby and my laziness, I took my blog for granted. For weeks I was not updating my blog. I was not writing new posts on a regular basis. I was not draining my brains for new ideas or basically I had ideas, but was not drafting them out. So now I am making a pledge to draft my new post or ideas on sunday so that I have this agenda etched out clearly for my upcoming week.

3. De-cluttering the house

I really prefer to do my washing and cleaning on Saturday or Sunday. It helps me to start my week on a fresh note. By Monday, all my sheets are changed, dirty clothes are washed and  things in place. It infuses fresh energy in me on Monday morning to see my house tidely placed.

4. Toss everything that’s expired or questionable in your fridge.

I grab anything that’s definitely gone bad or just all the leftovers I know we are not going to eat. I generally do a regular clean every week,so its always quick and easy, otherwise those monthly purges  get gross and take forever. For all my leftovers that are in a eatable condition, I try to utilize them by making some dish. This way I don’t waste food and it serves as one time meal as well. This saves my chopping and preparing for the food.

5.Clean out the purse or bag.

By the end of the week my bag or wallet has become a black hole filled with random receipts, gum wrappers, loose change, and that random flyer the guy handed on the way . I empty out all the unnecessary things I’ve collected and organize the important stuff so I know where everything is. It makes the life seem a little more simpler and organized.

6.Take some time off/ take out some alone time.

It’s great to make checklists, take care of chores, and get organized for the week ahead, but I try to make some ME time for myself.I try to find time doing something which helps reduce anxiety, increase concentration and will-power, improve memory, and boost the immune system! It can be reading a book, listening to music, going for a parlor session to relax and pampering, bubble bath or simply watching the tv. Or even better, just take a nap.

7.And also make some time to catch up with family and friends.

Weekdays are super hectic, for me as well as for others around. So it’s easy to go for days if not weeks without talking to people I care about. Instead of shooting off a quick text, I take out the time to call or hang out with someone on Sunday.(As I am not working full time, so I try to manage my time during the week also to talk to my near and dear ones). Also I spend some quality time with my baby and Mr Husband. It rejuvenates all three of us as well as strengthens our bond as a family. Its very important to inculcate these ideology in the coming generations. What better way than this to teach our children the importance of family and family ties.

8.Hang up the clothes and put the closet back in order.

During the week, it happens often that I am not able to fold the washed laundry and put it in the wardrobe. So to save myself from the pain and frustration of having no idea where are my or Mr Husband’s clothes and trying to track them down, I clean the closet and organize the clothes on Sunday before heading to sleep. It helps in kick starting the week.

9.Find something that inspires you to stay motivated throughout the week.

I generally try to find something inspirational – a picture, quote, song, book, video – that I refer every time I need a little push.

10.Treat yourself.

I eat whatever I love, on a Sunday. I don’t believe in dieting but I do believe in healthy eating and so with a small child and hectic schedule or sheer laziness, my eating is very restricted in weekdays. On weekends either we have guests or Mr Husband is the reason for me to cook lavishly. Of lately I have started enjoying cooking a lot and in a span of 2 years I have proudly mastered several dishes and tried many delicacies. So on a Sunday, I treat myself as well as all my guests.


Initially this seems like a stupid idea but surely this is a very effective way of keep going enthusiastically for the complete week. I have my complete week planned in advance and this increases my efficiency. There are some lazy weekends also with no planning ahead but I guess , some laziness is allowed if everything is in control..


Happy decorating…. 

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