I have a special liking for plants. I really love plush green. But I don’t like the labour and brain involved with it. Planting trees or home planting is a good deed but I never understood which plant needed sunlight and which don’t. I have heard someone saying that plants are like your babies. They can also listen you. Ok, I can talk to plants, I can even water them daily but the rare technicalities involved apart from this scares me. I always liked more of indoor planting. And I realized that that requires even more care. Right amount of sunlight is necessary for indoor plants and daily watering is not required for some. And when you feel that the plant is not breathing inside, you need to give it some fresh air. Even if I am skeptical about certain facts, I still have lots of indoor plants in my home. And I am also planning to have some outdoor plants as well. I am not a big fan of plants that bore flowers. I like more of green leafy plants. They give peace to me.


With the earth day gone day before yesterday, I read several articles which states the dangerous condition of earth. Water is vanishing and temperatures are soaring high at an alarming rate due to global warming. In every article, there was one common point that we all should plant trees. I recall my every informal conversation regarding global warming, water scarcity and ruthless summers and I actualized that everyone is aware about these things and they can talk about it for hours but there are very few who actually plant trees or do something for the enviornment. I don’t know why it is so difficult to understand that this one good deed will ultimately come back to us only. During summers, all want shades but these people never raise their voice when builders and government cut trees in the name of housing schemes and road broadening.

I like the place where I am staying right now because its full of trees and plants. I see many people being aware of benefits of planting trees and they have some very beautiful garden and balcony. Common houseplants possess extraordinary pollution-sucking powers that absorb airborne nasties that cause sick building syndrome. Houseplants also pack a few more perks. They can relieve allergy symptoms, reduce the amount of dust in your home and even boost indoor humidity levels. These few perks and benefits really inspires me to plant more trees in my household, and that includes outdoor plants and trees as well.




The basic benefit of planting trees that I know, which I learnt in school, is that it inhales carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen which is the most essential substance to live. Without oxygen there will be no life possible on earth. Apart from this there are several other plus points of planting trees.

The enviornment is in us, not outside us. The trees are our lungs and rivers are our bloodstream. we are all interconnected and what you do to environment, ultimately you do to yourself.                               -Ian Somerhalder 

I have read this somewhere and instantly it clicked me. What a simple yet provoking thought it is.

There are several environmental benefits of planting trees, I came across. And I found them very interesting and thus I am going to state them here. Since my childhood, I am reading and hearing a lot about de-forestation. As of today many forests are finished to build high risers. When I read this pictorial representation of the benefits associated with the forests or as in trees, I was really surprised.


Some very interesting thoughts about trees

  • Trees store more water during 1 inch rainfall event that lasts two days versus one that lasts only two hours.
  • The flow of storm water runoff decreases 2% for every 5% of land protected by tree cover.
  • The planting of trees means improved water quality, resulting in less runoff and erosion.
  • One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen, which is enough to meet the annual need of 18 people.
  • One large tree can provide enough oxygen for upto 4 people’s daily need.
  • Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and can save 20% to 50% in energy used for heating.
  • The net cooling effect of a young healthy tree is equivalent to 10 room size air conditioners working for 20 hours a day.

Plants gives me a very cozy and homely feel to the surrounding. I feel better connected with myself, as well as with others and nature. Nature forms a very essential part of my upbringing. My grandfather was in forest department. Though he retired when I was around 5, I always heard him as well as my father telling stories about his childhood, staying in a house in middle of a jungle, how a wild animal took away the dog from there, what kind of a life he lived in different places and in different forests, tree-houses, birdhouses, feeding the elephant etc. I was always fascinated from them because I can very well imagine the different kind of life they lived among less people and more of nature and animals.

My maternal grandfather was in IIT. So I visited him often during my summer vacations. The IIT that I saw was very raw and natural as compared to a more systematic one, as of now. They have put in lots of work and manforce and money to beautify the parks, gardens and unattended areas in and around the place. No doubt it still carries a special place in my heart but I really miss the rustic feel there. I miss that time when there were no parks, garden or cars there. Everyone liked to travel by cycle or they used to walk. Unattended yards granted a solidity feel to it. The sunrise was the most beautiful thing I found when the rays use to come from between the tall eucalyptus trees. And a troop of monkeys jumping from one tree to another. I use to be fascinated by seeing so many peacocks there. But today there are no monkeys and few peacocks to sing the glory of its past. Pollution level has increased tremendously with lots of cars and vehicles inside.

When in my pensive mood, I recall these beautiful memories of my childhood, I really ponder over this thought that what kind of a place or memory will my daughter have while growing up? Will her memory contain the constant fight of nature with us humans to stay alive? Or will she remember those baseless discussions she hear us having on saving the environment?  Will she be able to learn the importance of having plants and trees in our lives? Will I be able to teach her to plant trees , nurture them and love them?


By seeing this picture in front of me calms me down and inspire me to learn and move ahead and plant trees in house as well as outdoors for my mental stability and growth.

The benefits of having trees is not just limited to improving environment or for financial gains; generations of people will reap from it. Trees are a great addition to any home, commercial property or common area and should be cared for and protected to ensure they stay healthy and reach maturity to fully benefit the families and communities they protect and beautify.

Happy decorating


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